The US Dept of State hosts Dr. Momoh in Washington DC – June 2015

Earlier this month, the US Department of State Bureau of African Affairs in partnership with the Africa Society for the National Summit on Africa recently hosted Dr. Comfort Momoh to discuss Female Genital Mutulation and the challenges and how to raise awareness and overcome FGM practices worldwide. A number of issues, challenges and strategies of confronting and overcoming FGM were listed and elaborated upon by Dr. Momoh. She underlined the practice as one with deeply held beliefs and cultural links. Dissociating the communities and practitioners of this barbaric practice will not be an easy order, hence, there is the need for a multiple-prong approach which will be most effective in tackling this issue.


Some of the ideas discussed included engaging with local community clergies, traditional institutions and authorities, working with government officials and politicians to enact bills to outlaw this practice and protect women and girls, engage medical practitioners, address the psychological effects on victims of FGM, etc. The meeting was laced with a lot of ideas and plausible strategies for raising the work done on FGM now and in the future. It was a agreed that a strong and sustained collaborative effort will be appropriate going forward and the modalities for this are to be defined and established soon.

The meeting was attended by other organizations working on and identified with Women’s issues and empowerment. In attendance were Ms Karen Morrissey, Ms Herm El, Ms Ms Nicole Peacock, Ms Esther Ejim, Ms. Bernadette Paolo, Dr. Momoh, Mr. Robert Momoh, Mr. Afolabi Oghafua, and Mr Sahande Sy.

June 24, 2015



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