We provide holistic care to women and children. By catering to their needs as it regards to pre and post FGM care. Many of our patients usually do not have access to quality medical care, thus making complications from their previous health encounters to fester and turn to even serious ailments. We provide support holistically to ensure the wellness of women and children in this regard.

These ancient practice and belief is still practised in many parts of the developing world. Our goal and mission is to creatively and effectively eliminate this practice in the long-run. By vigorous advocacy, targeted partnerships and sustained campaigns, we will bring awareness to the affected communities, sharing detrimental consequences, exposing false fables and belief systems and encouraging parents and communal structures to embrace the total eradication of the practise on young girls and women in their domain.

Commitment & focus on Health and General well-being. Provision of surgical intervention (de-infibulation) to women who have undergone type 3 Female Genital Mutilation.

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